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Bloof was created in a laboratory, and he got a unique skill! 
He can change his state of matter! 

The downside? He can't choose when to shapeshift. 
This means, his skill is out of control. That's why he needs your help!

Game submission for the GMTK Game Jam 2020, which theme was Out of Control.

Bloof in his solid state
Bloof in his solid state

If Bloof is on his solid state, he can do a short jump to travel between platforms. He can jump everytime he touches a platform, but he can't wall jump. 

Bloof in his liquid state
Bloof in his liquid stat

When Bloof goes liquid, he can shrink himself to go through narrow places. He can't jump, don't forget that.

Bloof in his gas state
Bloof in his gas state

The gas stated Bloof can only move upwards, like a balloon. You won't be able to move, but you can reach places you wouldn't be able if you just ignored gas Bloof. 

Tip: If you hold the direction you want to move to when Bloof is a gas, you can prepare that direction mid-air for the solid Bloof whenever he becomes it.


  • Arrow Keys (Left/Right) or A - S to move.
  • Spacebar or Z to use the current skill.


  • Art and concept by nessm
  • Code and music by Dinamic Creates
  • Special thanks to 
    • Juan Carlos Hernández Durón (Yoga)
    • Stevie Fox
    • Homero Zapata
    • Eliseo Lozano
  • Made with Unity


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The three states of Bloof v1.1.0 (PC) 20 MB
The three states of Bloof v1.1.0 (Android) 22 MB

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