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Hey Dinamic Creates!

I recently tested your game, and I enjoyed playing it!

A very simple approach on 4-player soccer, a clear interface and GUI.

Maybe, you could make different maps, e. g. a soccer stadium or a beach map!

If you add multiplayer support, which I know, is a bit difficult, the game would be perfect!

All in one a promising project, hope to see more of it!


Hello UPBITE! 

Thank you a lot for taking a look at the prototype for Soccer Battle Royale!

We are thinking about map shapes and themes, so thats a thing! A beach theme sounfs fun! 

About multiplayer, nothing is impossible, but it will take time. I'm thinking up to 8 players, but that sounds way harder... As you say, that would be perfect! 

Thanks a lot for your I added a mobile version for Android (multiplayer there sounds impossible) and you can check it if you can support the project with $1 USD or above.  

If not, still I'll take your notes and thoughts. If you can give more feedback, and/or share the game with anyone, I'd appreciate it a lot!  

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