4 players, 4 walls, one ball. Eliminate your rivals by scoring three times on their goals! Protect your goal from every rival to survive and give the final shots to become the winner.

What's in

By now, it is single player only. You move to pick the ball, you shoot the ball to a wall to score. Walls will break after three scores. If any goal gets destroyed, then it dissapears along with its related player.  The game ends when only one player remains on the field.


MoveArrow Keys / WASD
ShootSpacebar / K
Switch camera (only if player is in the field)2
Reset game1
Quit gameEscape

If people like the game

If this game gets positive feedback I will start a proper development of it. The odds of this happening will increase if people support the game by donating. 

This are some of the features that could be added to a possible full game:

  • Local Multiplayer (for Windows).
  • 8 characters battle royale (for Windows)
  • More fields with  different shapes and or obstacles.
  • Victory screen. 
  • The ability to steal the ball from the opponent. 
  • Colorblind support.
  • Code optimization.
  • Strenght of shots.
  • Music and SFX.
  • Improved AI.
  • Unique and charismatic characters. 


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SoccerBattleRoyalePrototype v0.7.5.zip 26 MB
Soccer Battle Royale.apk 25 MB
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Development log


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Hey Dinamic Creates!

I recently tested your game, and I enjoyed playing it!

A very simple approach on 4-player soccer, a clear interface and GUI.

Maybe, you could make different maps, e. g. a soccer stadium or a beach map!

If you add multiplayer support, which I know, is a bit difficult, the game would be perfect!

All in one a promising project, hope to see more of it!


Hello UPBITE! 

Thank you a lot for taking a look at the prototype for Soccer Battle Royale!

We are thinking about map shapes and themes, so thats a thing! A beach theme sounfs fun! 

About multiplayer, nothing is impossible, but it will take time. I'm thinking up to 8 players, but that sounds way harder... As you say, that would be perfect! 

Thanks a lot for your I added a mobile version for Android (multiplayer there sounds impossible) and you can check it if you can support the project with $1 USD or above.  

If not, still I'll take your notes and thoughts. If you can give more feedback, and/or share the game with anyone, I'd appreciate it a lot!  

Deleted 2 years ago