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loving it

Thank you so much!

It's coming sometime this year to Google's Play Store!

I like the game.

Thank you! <3 

We're expecting to end development this year, and the game will be available in the Android Play Store and here in  (Windows/Android). 

The Android prototype you can get right now is the most recent version, with almost everything already in-game, only the newest graphic assets are yet to be implemented.

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Why would I pay for this? It's just an normal masher.

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  • Multiplayer focused.
  • The random factor.
  • Improve your typing skills or get used to a new keyboard.
  • A lot of personality between characters, stages, the upcoming unique music and upcoming improved graphics.
  • Different ways to tweak the playstyle (more in the upcoming update).
  • For both Windows and Android (different gameplay styles) in a single purchase (Android will be available in the next update).

The price is just $1 USD. It's more like a tip for me to keep working on games (the game was included in the BLM bundle so there's that as well). You can always keep playing the online demo if you don't want to pay for it. It's fine.

I'll pass. I feel like there is something better than this on a diffrent website.